Economical Storage Canbinets

 Knock Down Construction
 Quick, easy shelf adjustment on 2" certers.
 Two hinged doors open full 180°.
 Polished chrome plated handles with built in grooved key lock.
 Paking: Plastic bags and cartons can also according to customer's requirements
 Surface treatment: plastic spraying
Surface electrostatic powder coating, environmental non-toxic, no smell, bright and smooth, to ensure that the coating is not easy to fall off, and weather resistance is strong
 Material: Stainless steel
 Features: Products are of high quality stainless steel, pressure, the strength is not easy to deformation
 Product features: the product after phosphating treatment; With automatic spray type phosphating, after automatic drying the coating directly. Its characteristic is: phosphating film stable chemical performance, accord with GB6807-86 national standards. Parts surface is clean, stable product quality. Product is inferior smooth epoxy/polyester powder, through electrostatic spraying, combining ability, excellent flexibility, abrasion resistance and ornamental and cut belong to environmental protection products. The racks: as the adjustable, through strengthening, strong and durable, can deposit a lot of books without deformation
 Rang of application: bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, office, hotel, school
 National sales hotline: (0571) 88133188 (0571) 88133388 straight fax: (0571) 88125018

 Original Place:Made In China